Coconut Wax Melts
Coconut Wax Melts
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Coconut Wax Melts

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Our coconut wax melts smell fantastic and you don't even have to melt them to enjoy them! Because our melts are handcrafted out of pure coconut wax, they will be a little rough around the edges. This does not affect the fragrance or performance of the melts.

Each wax melt is approximately 20g. 


Fragrances are seasonal and quantities are limited.

Euphoria - reminiscent of Jungkook's favorite clean linen scent with a hint of lavender 👦🏻

Lachimolala - a tropical blend of coconut 🥥  and fruits 🍍  that bring to mind BTS trips abroad 🌴

In The Soop - a fresh, herbal scent of eucalyptus and mint with an earthy bouquet of sage 🌿

Butter - a light, delicious buttery-sweet scent is reminiscent of buttered popcorn🍿  or melting butter on pancakes 🥞  but is best described as Butterball candy 💜


Pure coconut wax, phthalate-free fragrance oil


How to use

Place 1-2 melts in a standard wax burner. Discard any used wax responsibly.

Alternatively, put a wax melt in a tea bag and hang in any small room, your cabinet, or place in your drawers. Because coconut wax has a lower melting point, make sure to check the tart's condition regularly.


Each tart will ship to you wrapped in paper and placed in a sugarcane container