Flex Menstrual Cup

Flex Menstrual Cup

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The only cup in the world that can be removed like a tampon - unlike other menstrual cups, the Flex has a pull tab that makes removing it easy!

Your Flex purchase includes the Flex menstrual cup, 2 Flex menstrual discs, instruction booklet, elegant carry pouch

Why recommend the Flex?

I am not a first-time menstrual cup user. In fact, I may be like some of you who started their sustainable period journey with a generic cup. But the Flex is a cup I've researched thoroughly before I purchased it. I took into consideration my back problems, period pains, sleeping positions, how heavy my flow is, where my cervix is, how often I change my reusable pads, how comfortable the cup looked, my budget (purchasing a cup is an investment!) and, most importantly, my previous experience with using a cup.

The first time around, I didn't do my due diligence - I was too excited to find a cup that I could experiment with that I went ahead and purchased one. I gave up on that generic cup after a couple of cycles because I encountered issues with folding and inserting it (too firm!), popping prematurely (still too firm and painful!), pulling it out (it felt like my soul was getting sucked out with it!). Putting that cup away was very un-sustainable of me.

Before I decided on the Flex, I took the PACII test which gave me the SAALT Soft. I wasn't sold on it so I took other tests and took my time comparing cups. I watched videos on YouTube, followed groups on Facebook, read testimonials.

The Flex checks all the boxes for me: 

  • softness (no painful popping)
  • ease of insertion AND removal (thank you, ReleaseRing!)
  • comfort
  • zero leaks
  • the size, Slim, was not intimidating and suited me just fine despite my having a moderate to heavy flow - this just meant I emptied the cup more often
  • it comes in a beautiful color!

And so here I am, gladly sharing my own experience with the Flex Menstrual Cup! I hope you also find your goldicup in the Flex!

~ Teena

Ps. I did attempt using the generic cup again after doing my research but, unfortunately, it didn't really work for me. I also didn't get around to road-testing the discs, but I'll do so on my next cycle.

Pps. This is not expert advice. 

How to use

The Flex can be worn for up to 12 hours! View the quick video guide here


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