Bloom Serum

Bloom Serum

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Made with Hibiscus flowers sun-steeped for at least 4 weeks, our Bloom Serum is a natural source of AHAs for better skin and hair. Hibiscus flowers lend a fruity essence to the infused Sunflower Oil while Rose Essential Oil balances with a floral, mood-lifting aroma. These two flowers are known for their anti-aging and regenerative properties for younger and more radiant-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin 🌺🌹


Sunflower oil is very light, non-comedogenic, and works to moisturize and nourish skin and hair. Locally harvested dried Hibiscus Sabdariffa flowers infused in the oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, and helps reduce hyper-pigmentation. Rose Essential Oil has regenerative properties that promote healthy hair and skin cell growth and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Hibiscus also promotes hair growth while Rose Essential Oil can help against scalp acne and hair loss.

How to use

Before applying, remember to shake the bottle first! The Bloom Serum can be applied anytime. For hair, apply directly onto scalp then comb down to hair. For skin, apply a few drops and massage gently until absorbed.

Caution: Please do a patch test before use. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.

To maintain the efficacy of Matenara products, do not expose them to high heat, direct sunlight, or any other compromising conditions.


Packed in a refillable 15ml glass dropper bottle.

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