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Cats of Eton Centris

Cats of Eton Centris is a non-profit private group of people who have banded together to promote the welfare of the community cats of Eton Centris.

Trivia: I rescued my cat, Eton, when I used to work in Eton Centris even before COEC was formed.

Cats of Eton Centris seeks to promote and protect the well being of the Centris community cats through:

  1. Feeding and monitoring.
  2. Implementing TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) or Kapon program
  3. Providing anti-rabies vaccination and other necessary veterinary treatment
  4. Promoting adoption instead of shopping for pets.
  5. Providing venues for educating the public regarding animal welfare, responsible pet ownership and animal rights as provided by RA10631.

To help us in this advocacy, we are assisted by:

  • The Eton Centris management as represented by various administrative and security officers of the different properties in the area
  • Various veterinary clinics, veterinarians and animal welfare groups who offer to help in the TNR (kapon), vaccination and veterinary treatment of the community cats
  • The personnel of various commercial establishments with representation and operations in the area
  • Cat-compassionate private citizens who offer their time and resources to provide for the needs of the cats in the area.


  1. A shelter. Eton Centris is not a place where to dump unwanted or homeless cats and dogs. Anyone caught dumping will be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act (RA 8485 / RA 10631) of the Philippines.
  2. A rescue group for cats and dogs due to limited resources and capabilities.

Our funds are sourced from our salaries and from generous donors. We also tie up with sponsors and other animal welfare groups for our TNR missions. To donate, please use the following channels:

You may also donate meals to feed the community cats. Please follow the Facebook page to get updates.