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The Zippy Fund

What is The Zippy Fund?

The Zippy Fund is a not-for-profit organization set up in the Philippines to provide financial assistance for owners of domestic animals who need non-basic, non-urgent veterinary care. 

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The Zippy Fund Story

Having a veterinarian in the family exposed us to the struggles of pets, pet owners, and veterinarians alike. Horror stories of pets abandoned at the clinics because owners could not afford to pay for confinement or pets losing their chance at a healthier life because owners decide ongoing treatment is too costly has peppered our family's dinner table discussions over the years. With The Zippy Fund, we hope to keep more pets in their homes with their families longer and have more veterinarians equipped with the latest expertise and know-how to care for these pets.

The Zippy Fund is named after Matenara's family beagle who just recently lost the battle with very aggressive Lymphoma. She was diagnosed with Amelanotic Melanoma a year and half prior to succumbing to secondary cancer. It was all about her quality of life that kept us going, and it is quality of life that we're after for the pets enrolled in The Zippy Fund.

How we operate

Almost 100% of donations go to funding our programs. To keep our costs low, The Zippy Fund is run by a very small volunteer staff. Generous donations from companies and individuals like you help cover our operational costs.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions fall under non-basic, non-urgent care?

Listed below are the types of sicknesses that we provide assistance for:
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • eye disease
  • endocrine disease
  • other chronic conditions
Spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and emergency cases are not covered by The Zippy Fund.

    How do I enrol my pet or nominate someone who needs The Zippy Fund?

    Your pet (or nominee) must be diagnosed with a condition that requires non-basic, non-urgent care. Email us at to receive a link to the application form. Each application is carefully screened to ensure that both you and your pet are eligible for the program. The screening process includes the following:

    • face to face or phone interview
    • background check
    • coordination with your veterinarian and verification by our in-house veterinarian

    Because of the high volume of requests and nominations, please allow at least 2 weeks for our team to review your application.