Rose Garden Mist

Rose Garden Mist

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Our 100% natural Rose Garden Mist is made of pure rose water, witch hazel extract, and vegetable-derived glycerin and delivers clean, soft skin without any sting. 

Each bottle is made fresh when you order.

Vegan, alcohol-free, undiluted

How to use

As a cleanser: Spray to apply then gently wipe off with a reusable cotton round to remove dirt and makeup.

As a moisturizer/toner: Spray on anytime to moisturize and refresh your skin. Add to your masks and facials instead of plain water.

As a deodorant: Acts as a mild antiseptic and antibacterial deodorant when sprayed on your underarms and the soles of your feet.

Re-apply as often as needed. A little goes a looong way!

Caution: Please do a patch test before use. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.

To maintain the efficacy of Matenara products, do not expose them to high heat, direct sunlight, or any other compromising conditions. Discard when product smells or appears different from first purchase.


Rose Water is a natural toner that hydrates and balances the pH of your skin. Witch hazel fights acne, while glycerin locks in moisture. These three ingredients work together to keep away signs of aging.

Alcohol-free! Contains an all-natural and skin-safe preservative to extend its shelf life.


    Packed in a refillable glass spray bottle.

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