Closing Out 2019

My last journal entry last year was about losing Zippy, and it was a difficult time for me. I did try coping, however, by writing Zippy letters and kickstarting The Zippy Fund. And, even though I fulfilled social obligations, I retreated into myself more and threw myself into work and production. It was hard for me to be in groups and can only tolerate one- to two-person company. Putting on a brave, happy face had been exhausting, to say the least.

Despite that great, great loss, I do acknowledge that 2019 brought good things, too. Matenara gained new stockists, making sustainable living accessible to more people. The brand got featured again on TV and online, creating awareness and bringing in new partnerships.

It was a year of discovery - I was constantly on the lookout for areas to improve and new products to carry, carefully refining Matenara's product line. Sustainable packaging has always been my brand's priority and a challenge to maintain given the lack of choices locally, but I did find newer and better suppliers.

The holidays were full. My days were packed both business- and family-wise: souvenirs, outlet restocks, bulk orders; I had to decline some last-minute orders for Christmas gifts to give way to family visiting from abroad 💜 The break let me recharge at the farm and it let me say goodbye to 2019 with a heavy yet grateful heart.

This year, we'll be facing the challenge of continuity and making sustainability truly sustainable. Bring it, 2020!