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Pushing 7 hours-- with refreshments and lunch in between-- and this lippie's still a vibrant red!

Reian talking about the TRU Lip and Cheek Stick 04

Kept my lips looking good d whole day- d nag dry lips ko d whole time I was wearing it 💋💋💋 Pramis!!!

Sherie talking about the TRU Lip Paint

It can also be used for hoomans to soothe itching. I also love the smell.

Mae talking about the Pawnacea Ultra-Healing Balm for her dog, Tunying

I purchased 2 bottles of toothpowder and a bamboo toothbrush from your site. I'm currently very happy with the products.

Paula Louise talking about our Oral Care line

Got my 2 creamy matte lipsticks-slash-cheek tints and I LOVE THEM! It stays on for the whole day even when after eating and drinking and sweating all day, no need for retouch.

JM talking about our TRU Lip and Cheek Sticks

The lip and cheek stick is very light when applied!

Karen talking about our TRU Lip and Cheek Stick 02

Gives you a very natural look when worn and doesn’t give your cheeks a sticky feeling when applied

Mae talking about PWAP Lip and Cheek Stick (HOPE)

Just used HOPE when I went out dancing last night and it lasted me all the way until 1am :)

Denise talking about PWAP Lip and Cheek Stick (HOPE)

The lip and cheek gel was easy to apply and didn't have any bitter aftertaste like other lip tints do.

Judy Ann talking about our PWAP Lip and Cheek Gels

More Love

Soooo lambot my hair & i love the mild scent as well

Cza talking about the Clean Green Shampoo and Conditioner Roundy

I really liked how they made my hair less frizzy and waaaay more manageable

Mafe talking about the Crowning Glory Shampoo and Conditioner Roundy

Ganda nung shampoo. Lambot sa hair tapos dandruff free pa. Order ako ulit kapag naubos.

Joemerey talking about the Hint of Mint Shampoo and Conditioner Roundy

It has a mild apple-like scent. Consistency is creamy, pigmentation is intense. I love that its formula is very easy to blend and stays in place once set.

Apple on the TRU Lip Paint

Journal 8 Organic Tooth Products for a Brighter, Fresher Smile

We got featured on again as one of 8 organic tooth products for a brighter, fresher smile!

The Tooth Powder Experience

The tooth powder has been around for many years and only recently has begun a comeback due to more people shifting to a sustainable, plastic-free, zero-waste, and all-natural lifestyle.

Matenara in ANC's Green Living

Last Tuesday, September 18th, the episode featuring Matenara aired on ANC's Green Living.


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