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Sustainable Packaging

Why sustainable packaging? 

One of our goals at Matenara is not just to reduce, but to eliminate plastic waste altogether. By choosing sustainable materials like glass, metal, cloth, and paper to package our goods, we help reduce the energy and resources spent on recycling "reusable" plastic containers.



Just recently, we partnered with Ranpak Philippines to secure our goods with eco-friendly wrapping and protect them from minor incidents. The die-cut paper expands into a pretty 3D honeycomb cushion that is 100% compostable.





We take our commitment one step further by shipping our goods via like-minded couriers. Blitz Delivery gives us the freedom to use our own packaging, and Fifth Express utilizes 100% compostable mailers. 



We're proud to stay committed to the sustainable lifestyle from product to packaging to shipping and be able to share it with you.