Our Story

We created the Pawnacea Paw Balm in 2009 for Zippy*, the family beagle, out of the desire to protect her paws from blistering when she takes her walks. We came up with an all-natural, Zippy-approved formula that has kept her paws soft to this day.

It is with the same mindfulness and care that we went on to create soaps, scrubs, room sprays, essential oil roll-on blends, and souvenirs, with the intent of sharing what we have proudly made with our own hands.

Now, through Matenara, we bring you curated goods that reflect our passion for the handmade and the locally formulated, our love for animals by rejecting laboratory testing, and our respect for the planet by using recyclable and reusable packaging.

And, through #prettywithapurpose, we enable you to give to advocacies that are closest to our hearts while you delight in our limited edition collections.

​Please enjoy Matenara.


We lost Zippy to cancer in 2019. She was the reason why Matenara exists today.
This is her legacy and we invite you on this journey.