#HelpWhereYouCanWhenYouCan: Masks for Manong and Manang


"Sakin po ba talaga to, ma'am? Salamat po!"


Kuya Ricky is among the many couriers that come to our HQ in Quezon City to pick up the goods that you ordered. He received 4 masks because one of our buyers ordered 4 pieces for their own use. Kuya Ricky probably brought home the masks to his family or shared them with his colleagues.


For every order you complete on www.matenara.com, the rider/courier who picks up your goods receives a mask. This is one of the few ways we're trying to help other people cope with the challenge that is COVID-19.


Update: we're lucky to have customers like you who message us privately to donate or purchase masks for giving away. Thank you very much! 🙏


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