Kindness Chronicles: A Feature on Inquirer Super

Since I couldn't do much for Matenara because of constraints on logistics, I turned my attention elsewhere.

I was a parent (currently an aunt to several dogs and cats!) to #mydogzippy, and I understood the stress of not having access to her veterinarian or food. Because of this, I ended up making a map of operational clinics and pet supplies nationwide for every furparent's peace of mind. This was in tandem with my sister's free online veterinary consultation.

Last March 28, 2020, Day XX of ECQ, the map got featured on Inquirer Super via Pam Pastor -

The map has 14,000 plus views as of writing. I was so kilig to be in an article with Vico and Coca-Cola. I celebrated Zippy's 11th Birthday last April 5 with 11,000 views 🐶 

I regret not doing the map for my own stockist locations, but I'll get to that later! ✨