Matenara For Water Project Report

On October 11, we concluded the Matenara For Water project - a partnership with Waves for Water Philippines (Waves for Water) for their Help the Helpers and International Day of the Girl Child initiatives.

Together with you, we were able to collect 49 pledges, 19 toothbrushes, 3 soap savers, and 1 menstrual pad for partner communities in Mindoro, Ifugao, Coron & El Nido, Palawan.

We hope we were able to shed light on the impact of lack of access to safe water for almost 7M Filipinos and almost 24 million without improved sanitation, as well as the vulnerability of our womenfolk in terms of period health. 

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This project is close to my heart because in early 2019, as part of our family's annual philanthropic activity, there were discussions around providing a deep well for the elementary school that my Dad went to. This took a backseat due to the current status of the country as well as private reasons, but this is something we would gladly take up again once the opportunity presents itself.