Monthlies and Me

I'm on my period and these are my BFFs ~ reusable overnight pads, Rainourish biodegradable laundry detergent liquid, and the Three Suns Serum ✨

The overnight pads have an extra wide end which I wear at the front (life hack!) because I usually sleep on my side or tummy. I haven't had an incident on my sheets since I started doing this!

The Rainourish laundry detergent liquid makes handwashing stress-free (when I can't wash my pads immediately, I soak the pads in water with a few teaspoons of detergent to prevent stains)

The Three Suns Serum keeps period breakouts at bay and the Helichrysum in it helps me sleep at night.

I usually go into hibernation when it's that time of the month - I eat whatever it is I'm craving, binge-watch BTS videos or watch scary stuff on Netflix, then sleep off any discomfort.

Care to share your own period BFFs?