Pawnacea Balm Praise

We've been making the Pawnacea Ultra-Healing Balm since 2009 and we're sharing some awesome reviews :)

Ria T.: "it worked well :-) the next day the spot was not so red anymore and now it's almost all dried up. (on using the Paw Balm on Bubba the Black Lab's hotspot)"

Ainie S. L.: "...and by the way the insect bites on my dog they luk better now. It probably needed time. But for faster and better solution for dry skin and chapd lips use pawnacea it works! Dude it sounded like a commercial! Haha but it does work. (via SMS)"

Yna M.: "Yup, everytime I visit her (Hayley the Doxie) at my dad's house (my dad is her pet :p) I rub it on her paws. Her paws are softer now and I think she loves being pampered that way."

Krissie V.: "mauubos ko na siya, nagwork siya sa lips ko kasi hindi na siya nagchachap tapos ang sarap ipahid sa lips :) very effective siya for chapped lips.. weeeee!"

Mayi A.: "hahaha feel na feel nya habang pinapahiran ko yung paws nya (Gabby the Beagle). :)"

Paula A.: "yep i used the paw balm on chi-chi na.. i use it on her at night.. during daytime kc outdoors sya.. so dirt tends to stick on her paws.. at night before she sleeps, i rub some on her paws.. she mostly licks her paws, maybe she likes the taste? hehehe.. sa morning soft ang paws nya.. for me, what stands out is the scent.. it's not overpowering.. subtle lng yung scent which is good :)"

Neva A-S.: "i personally don't mind that the primary users for the product are dogs. i'm fine knowing that it's all organic and safe and human-tested. hello sya na lip balm ko kaya haha :D"

Jaja A.: "i love the paw balm :) i use it on my lab's cracked paws and wounds & i can see great results! Kudos to the people behind it!"

Kenz J.: "Moeki's Bald spot is now growing! Thanks Paw Balm :D"

Denise G. and Coco: "I'd like to give lots of Pawnacea Love! I've been using it ever since I got it, for my lips, elbows, and a bit on the side for Coco's paws. I have to put it on her when she's sleeping cause she'd rather eat it! It's that yummy :) It's been almost a month and there's still a whole lot left in the pot. It practically lasts forever! I also used it today since my cold's super bad. I use it on my nose and all around my nostrils. Amazing that it doesn't feel raw at all, despite blowing my nose the whole day! And it's right to be called Paw Balm, it has to be in my paws the whole day :D"

Jamie and Moxie: "This is Jamie of Outbox Media. I was the Head Organizer for Daddy's Pet in One Esplanade last June 2010! Thanks to that event, I was able to come across your great product! My dachshund Moxie (the inspiration behind that event) is an avid Paw Balm user!"

Dogs and people love our Pawnacea Ultra-Healing Balm! Try it and see the results for yourself!