Product Highlight: The Shampoo and Conditioner Roundy

Solid shampoo - the "newest" craze in the world of sustainable and handmade products - has actually been around for a number of years but with only a small following. Now that Filipinos are embracing the sustainable lifestyle, solid shampoo and conditioner is getting the attention it deserves.

In this post, we're featuring our lineup of shampoo and conditioner roundies with ingredients that address specific hair care needs. All of our shampoo and conditioner roundies are mildly scented with naturally occurring fragrances. 

To make it easier for you to shift, we've made each variant available in trial sizes and sampler quartets

Clean Green

Clogged pores are sometimes the cause of hairfall. Clean Green contains Tea Tree Oil that unclogs dirty pores and helps maintain a clean scalp. Tea Tree Oil is partnered with Aloe Vera for extra scalp care and deodorizing action.

Crowning Glory

Gugo, prized for its hair strengthening and thickening powers. In this variant, it's paired with castor oil to promote growth and thickness.

Divine Shine

Divine Shine contains D-Panthenol that can improve damaged hair by improving elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility. With healthy hair comes the shine! 

Hint of Mint

On top of a relaxing shower experience, Lavender Essential Oil provides deep conditioning and prevents dandruff while Peppermint Essential Oil promotes blood circulation.

Mellow Yellow

This variant contains Ginger Essential Oil which controls oil buildup (as well as acne and dandruff!) and soothes itchy scalps. Ginger EO is also known to help grow your hair quickly.

Ocean Fresh

Sea Salt is a natural detoxifying agent for hair and scalp, and it can help balance scalp pH and control sebum secretion. The fresh scent also makes this variant a crowd favorite.

Think Pink

Clove Essential Oil works to reduce hair fall and acts as a natural conditioner. It wakes up hair follicles and helps thicken hair.

Our roundies follow a basic low-sulfate formula: jojoba oil, coconut oil, glycerin (sustainably derived), deodorized, sci, sls, non-paraben conditioning agent, d-panthenol, botanicals, and essential oils.

The Solid Shampoo Experience

Results can differ for each person and one bad experience from shampoo that your hair doesn't agree with should not deter you from trying again. Purchasing trial sizes in different variants can help you find the right solid shampoo and keep you on the sustainable track.