The importance of health and pacing ourselves in these hectic times

What started as a small, sharp pain the afternoon we collected our pre-release BTS Meals last June became 1 canceled Father's Day weekend, 16 days in the hospital, 4 days continued IV drip at home, reduced mobility, and subsequent tests (with more coming up as of this writing). 

Friends, I did not have Covid-19. I had no fever, cough, or colds, but my body was furious. Tests revealed fluid in my right lung which had to be drained, a swollen liver that needs to be cared for.

The consequence of all of this is making a huge adjustment in how I work.

All I'm saying is LISTEN to your body and slow down. Take that break. Take a nap. Put down your phone. Shut down that laptop. Savour those precious moments and don't take those 5-10 minutes for granted.