World Environment Day and Independence Day 2020

[start rant]

No, I didn't forget about World Environment Day last June 5 nor did I plan to "skip" Independence Day this year. I was internalizing the world's current situation so hard that I couldn't come up with a decent post for social media. Despite the fact that I graduated with a degree in Journalism (no, I didn't make it a career) from the premier “aktibista” university in the Philippines, it seems that I do not exercise my voice and my privilege for the supposed good of all well enough. I feel targeted by all those posts about "keeping quiet" on both my personal and business accounts just because I have not posted - or reposted, for that matter - anything political, anti-racist, pro-environment, etc.

Instead of vomiting my opinion and displeasure online, I just choose to act. I refuse for my efforts to be undermined by anyone just because it doesn't seem like I'm struggling or it looks like I'm not doing anything.

Anything and everything I do online or off is solely my choice and what you do is yours. Too many people are suffering in one way or another to always be on the offense and, tbh, it's also exhausting to be on the defense. Just be kind.

[end rant]


Ps. This is also where I say "I like dogs more than I do people" coz people are just mean *sometimes* 🐶