Pawnacea Canine Aromatherapy

Canine Aromatherapy can alleviate physical and physiological ailments in dogs and brings a lot of benefits for your best friend! Using aromatherapy on your dogs can be healing, uplifting, and bonding for both of you when done properly and with care. Learn how to use aromatherapy with your pet from a certified Canine Essential Oils Specialist.


  1. Pick a space that's open and has limited distractions. Make sure that your dog can leave freely should they wish to.
  2. Assess your dog's needs and shortlist 2-3 oils for them to choose from.
  3. With the bottles still sealed or slightly opened, offer the oils to your dog from a distance. They will signal with a lick of their mouth or show keen interest in the oil that they pick.
  4. With clean hands, place 1-2 drops on your palm and rub your hands together until they're no longer shiny.
  5. Offer your hands to your dog and watch for signals. They will seem sleepy and relaxed as the blend starts to work. They may also start licking your hand or pointing their head toward where they want you to apply your hands.
  6. Always observe your pet and record their reactions to different oils.

Never force an essential oil on your dog. Doing so may cause physical and emotional stress on them. Always consult your veterinarian or an expert when introducing something new to your dog.


Once your dog has selected their oil/s, place one to two drops on your palms and rub them together to warm the oil. Apply to the inside of the tips of their ears and on their neck.


Use only the oils indicated to be safe for inhalation. Allow your dog to sniff your open palms.


Only diffuse pure essential oils around your pet.


Pawnacea Canine Aromatherapy is NOT for use with/on/around cats and other animals.