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Sustainable Living and Pretty With A Purpose on TAYO TAYO

Learn more about sustainable living, #prettywithapurpose, the paw balm, and microplastics

Closing Out 2019

I ended the year 2019 with a heavy yet grateful heart and now welcome the challenges the new decade brings.

Sustainable Living w/ the Four-legged Members of the Family

Surprise! One of the fastest sustainable switches you can make is for your pets! I'm sharing how Zippy and I do it at home.

Thoughts on fairs and bazaars

I get to explain the reason behind the plastic-free packaging, the purpose of refills, the necessity of reusables, the value of natural ingredients - it's because there is no Planet B.

Product Highlight: The Shampoo and Conditioner Roundy

Check out our lineup of specially-formulated shampoo and conditioner roundies to help you ease into sustainable showers.

The Tooth Powder Experience

The tooth powder has been around for many years and only recently has begun a comeback due to more people shifting to a sustainable, plastic-free, zero-waste, and all-natural lifestyle.

Pawnacea Balm Praise

We've been making the Pawnacea Ultra-Healing Balm since 2009 and we're sharing some awesome reviews :)

Baby steps you can take to reduce single-use plastic consumption

Being conscious about your day-to-day activities will help you ease into quitting single-use plastic without a hitch.

Repurpose your lipstick tubes

We’re all guilty of buying too much makeup and lipsticks are not an exception.

Benefits of using a DIY Clay Mask

We've made a short list of why DIY clay masks are good for you