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Monthlies and Me

I'm on my period and these are my BFFs ~ reusable overnight pads, Rainourish biodegradable laundry detergent liquid, and the Three Suns Serum 

#Helpwhereyoucanwhenyoucan: Reusable Masks for Water And Life Philippines

We donated reusable cloth masks to Water and Life Philippines through our good friend, Maria.

The drink of our youth: Cacao Tablea

This is the cacao we grew up enjoying *puro*: warm and thick, and coating every piece of buttered pandesal or Calasiao puto we dip in our demitasse

#HelpWhereYouCanWhenYouCan: Masks for Manong and Manang

For every order you complete on, the rider/courier who picks up your goods receives a reusable mask.

Matenara X Kynd Studios X Rinse+Repeat for Project Pearls

We partnered with Kynd Studios and Rinse+Repeat to provide hygiene kits for the Project Pearls community.

Matenara X Frankie and Friends

We're working with Frankie and Friends to make a difference and help those severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

2020 and COVID-19

2020 looked bright and shiny in January - new stockists, better business partners, improved internal processes. Then COVID-19 hit hard.

Sustainable Living and Pretty With A Purpose on TAYO TAYO

Learn more about sustainable living, #prettywithapurpose, the paw balm, and microplastics

Closing Out 2019

I ended the year 2019 with a heavy yet grateful heart and now welcome the challenges the new decade brings.

Sustainable Living w/ the Four-legged Members of the Family

Surprise! One of the fastest sustainable switches you can make is for your pets! I'm sharing how Zippy and I do it at home.

Thoughts on fairs and bazaars

I get to explain the reason behind the plastic-free packaging, the purpose of refills, the necessity of reusables, the value of natural ingredients - it's because there is no Planet B.

Product Highlight: The Shampoo and Conditioner Roundy

Check out our lineup of specially-formulated shampoo and conditioner roundies to help you ease into sustainable showers.